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"See the green way!"

Nurture. Preserve. Defend. Help. Save.     
in order to sustain: 
Nature. Planet. Diversity. Health. Serenity.

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Sustainability Consultants for the Film, TV & Media Sector

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GreenEyes is a sustainability consultancy, working across the Film, TV and Media Sector. 

We look at a project’s lifecycle as a whole, from script stage, through pre-, production, post- to all the way the final windows of festival, sales and distribution.

Our approach is to make strides wherever we can, in a ‘sustainable’ way, by supporting, and regularly communicating with all departments from the get go, in order to learn how best we can make their supply chain and waste usage greener. We deploy trained sustainability runners and coordinators to supervise the shows and enable crew to pick up the pace and understand why we do what we do.  We provide all signage and communicational materials and regular data for the production to keep track of the progress (or lack of it). 

Our motto is: 'livable sustainability'. We will assess your project, and help you devise a tailored, effective plan how to be more carbon neutral. We provide a calculation and a detailed report at the end of the project.

We are constantly on the look out for new, and innovative technologies, partners to work with (so do get in touch!). Our goal is to find solutions, that work for everyone - the film crew, the producers and Earth. We also keep in mind the economical restraints, consider the local differences in each territory and strive to build a balanced strategy that aids the production flow whether it’s a 6 month shoot or a 3 day commercial.

Our founders are experienced green stewards themselves, who learned their craft by sweat and laughs, digging through the waste on blockbuster studio projects, as well as smaller independent productions.
Our mission and goal as environmental professionals is ‘REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE’. We love what we do and strive to bring this passion and enthusiasm with us, wherever we go.

But who we are?


Julia Tordai 

Co-Founder of GreenEyes Production

Biologist, Science Communicator and Filmmaker. I'm all about pushing boundaries and challenging myself in different fields of science. I truly believe that combining disciplines science, art, communication, technology can help to understand our world and create a better one. I had plenty of projects in the past where I had the opportunity to combine my biologist background with my creative skills.

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Zsófia Szemerédy

Co-Founder of GreenEyes Production

My love of film has sent me down on a sinuous road. In the past 10 years, I worked for both mainstream and independent film companies in the UK (eOne, Premier PR, Picturehouse Entertainment). I gained experience in various fields from PR, Festivals and Markets to Sales, Distribution, Exhibition and Script Development. After attending the National Film and Television School I’ve finally found my passion: combining development and sustainability and balancing these two in both my work and every day life.

Team members


Adrienn Katalin Demeter


I’m a pharmacy student but I’ve always loved to try myself in different areas of life to broaden my horizons. My passion is to help people to have a better quality of life, that's why I chose this path. Now, I can pursue my dreams in different ways, but the goal is the same. 

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